Effective Policy Making Seminar



This three day seminar aims to support policy makers in formulating policy in a professional way. It will equip you with a systematic approach to policy making and a range of practical tools and techniques that you can use in your own particular context.  On completing it you will be able to see how you can contribute effectively to policies, decisions and actions founded on strategic thought; thorough analysis; objective appraisal of choices; risks and impacts; clear communication; and a sense of practicality and realism in planning for delivery.

The aim of this course is to increase your understanding of what effective policy-making entails and to enhance your policy-making skills. By the end of the course you be able to see how you can contribute more effectively to the policies, decision and actions of your organisation and within the wider government/public sector context.

Discussing Leadership

⦁ Understand more about what policy-making entails . Have been introduced to a structured framework for policy-making
⦁ Recognise the importance and value of having a clear vision and objectives
⦁ Know when and how to use a range of approaches for analysing issues and problems . Know how to analyse stakeholders’ interests and influence and to use the results of that analysis in communicating with and influencing them
⦁ Be aware of how to use strategic thinking techniques to help you deal with issues that are subject to change and uncertainty
⦁ Be able to generate options, using a range of creative thinking techniques; identify and appraise leading options and assess and manage risk
⦁ Be aware of what is involved in planning for delivery and in working with stakeholders towards the achievement of desired outcomes
⦁ Understand how to evaluate policy

Course Information

⦁ 5 Days | 10 -14 May,2019 / USD $2,550.00
Durban, South Africa

⦁ 5 Days/ 24– 28 October,  2019/USD $2,550.00
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Program Outline

⦁ Effective policy- making
⦁ What is Policy?, Policy and strategy
⦁ Policy-making and policy skills
⦁ A structured framework for policy-making, Key skills
⦁ Developing a vision

What matters?
⦁ The significance and value of being clear about what you want to achieve
⦁ Analysis and use of evidence, Stakeholder identification and mapping
(Review and reflection)
⦁ Review Discussion: checking understanding of approaches and techniques introduced on in earlier topics
(Analysis (continued)
⦁ Preparing for evaluation, The “context”: external drivers for change
⦁ Strategic awareness – change, uncertainty and scenarios
⦁ Drivers for change and uncertainties Building and using scenarios
⦁ Supporting effective decision-making
⦁ Generating options – creativity in policy work, Criteria for decision making, Sifting and sorting options, Appraising leading options, Identifying and managing risk, Presenting options and recommendations to decision-makers
⦁ Supporting effective decision-making (continued)
⦁ Planning for policy delivery
⦁ Who and what is involved?, Planning for delivery – revisit stakeholders, Influence mapping and pressure analysis, How to inform and influence stakeholders:Action planning
⦁ Evaluation
⦁ Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of policies
(Review and reflection)
⦁ Review of Learning, Applying Learning within participants’ own contexts,
(Final review and action planning)


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