In-House Training

Our training methodology places an extensive focus on the essential skills that management professionals need to succeed in today’s dynamic business environment. From negotiating with team members, clients and suppliers to effective time management, from setting up and running an effective meeting to creating and delivering a winning business presentation – we will give you the edge.

Our corporate in-house training programmes are customised to enhance and develop staff, management and executive skills – taking that particular company’s specific situation and industry into consideration for customization according to the company’s needs. As an additional benefit, we are also able to combine our training with corresponding team-building activities that entertain and encourage the mind should the organisation wish to venture this route.

Africa centre for management and consulting has the capability and resources at our disposal in order to completely customize, develop and combine a number of subjects of training to suit the demands of a company in order to meet specific outcomes and objectives – at rates that are completely negotiable and affordable.