Leadership Strategies Organizational Development Conference



This 3 days conference is tailored to the needs of the delegates so they will have the opportunity in the program to say what they are looking for from the three days.

Discussing Leadership

General introduction to leadership and organizational development
⦁ What is it leadership and organizational development
⦁ What qualities or skills do you need to be a leader?
⦁ What kind of leader are you now?
⦁ In what organization are you?
⦁ What kind of leader do you want to be?
⦁ Where are the gaps in leadership and development?
⦁ Acknowledgement of skills that each person has already

Course Information

5 Days | 5– 9 September 2019 / USD $2,550.00
Dubai, UAE

5 Days/ 5– 9 September 2019/ USD $2,550.00
Durban, South Africa

Leadership Styles

Discussion of the pros and cons of each and any examples of World leaders who exemplify each of these and the behaviours associated with each style:
⦁ Transformational
⦁ Transactional
⦁ Servant
⦁ Commanding
⦁ Distributive
⦁ Situational
Organizational Development
⦁ The nature of planned change
⦁ The organizational development practitioner
⦁ Entering and contracting
⦁ Diagnosing organizations
⦁ Diagnosing groups and jobs
⦁ Collecting and analysing diagnostic
⦁ Feed back
⦁ Designing intervention
⦁ Interpersonal and group process approach
⦁ Organizational process approach
⦁ Technostuctural intervention
⦁ Restructuring organization
⦁ Employee involvement
⦁ work design
⦁ Human Resource management interventions
⦁ Developing talent
⦁ Managing workforce diversity and wellness
⦁ Strategic intervention – Transformational change

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