Supply Chain Management Seminar


Program Description and Objectives

To equip managers and practitioners with the concept and practices of SCM which will help them deliver corporate success through a more efficient coordination with their suppliers, and customers. The program has been designed to suit the requirements of managers involved in SCM operational activities like procurement, production planning, logistics planning and sales & distribution planning, and strategic activities like vendor selection and management, SCM network optimization, and product/process re-design for SCM. The role of logistics and supply chain managers is progressively shifting from supply focused to demand focused owing to the increasing competitiveness of the business environment. This unique program has been designed by experts to enable these managers to be adequately skilled to rise up to the expectations of their firms. Further to enable supply chain practitioners comprehend and leverage the business environment as well as equip them with skills to assume greater responsibilities cross-functionally.


Who Should Attend

Working professionals in a supply chain management role (purchasing, production, inventory, control, logistics, demand management, design, distribution or any related functional areas of supply chain) will find the programme both challenging and stimulating.
This programme is specially designed for managers who plan to further their career in logistics or supply chain areas in both service and manufacturing organizations.

Course info

  • Days | 26 – 30 September, 2019 / USD 2,550.00 Dar es Salam, Tanzania
  • 5 Days/ 21– 25 November 2019/ USD 2,550.00 Dubai, UAE


Introduction to Operations Management

⦁ An Overview of Operations Management
⦁ Process Analysis
⦁ Business Forecasting
⦁ Efficient Planning for Operations

Logistics – Concepts & Practices

⦁ Warehousing Decisions
⦁ Transportation Decisions
⦁ Third Party Logistics
⦁ Logistics Engineering
⦁ Reverse Logistics
⦁ Global Logistics

Understanding Supply Chain Management 

⦁ Introduction and definitions
⦁ Inventory Management – Different Policies, Levers, Echelon Inventory
⦁ Uncertainty and risk analysis
⦁ Supply Chain Performance Measures
⦁ Service Supply Chain
⦁ Supply Chain Management in India
⦁ Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain

Designing & Managing Channel Partners – Distribution 

⦁ Role of Distribution Channels
⦁ Product Life Cycle and Distribution Challenges
⦁ Managing Customer Relationships
⦁ Measuring Channel Performance
⦁ Managing Channel Conflict

Procurement and Sourcing Management

⦁ Development of Supply Strategies
⦁ Purchasing Performance Evaluation
⦁ Supplier Price & Cost Analysis, Value Analysis
⦁ Purchasing & Supply Negotiations
⦁ Contract Administration & Management
⦁ Legal Aspects of Purchasing, Sourcing & Contracts

Supply Chain Modeling 

⦁ Overview of optimization modeling and techniques
⦁ Distribution Center Location Models
⦁ Supply Chain Network Optimization Models
⦁ Vehicle Routing Models
⦁ Inventory Deployment Models
⦁ Risk Management of Supply Chains
⦁ Project Management: PERT and CPM
⦁ Simulation
⦁ Decision Tree Applications

Supply Network Strategy 

⦁ Introduction & Strategic Sourcing
⦁ Supply Contracts
⦁ Supply Chain Coordination
⦁ Supply Chain Innovation
⦁ Supply Chain Resilience

Special Topics in SCM

⦁ Quality Management, Six sigma & Lean Management Concepts
⦁ E-commerce
⦁ RFID & Recent Advances in Technology
⦁ Taxation & supply chains

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